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Customers feedbacks:

5 stars: They get the job done quick and no hassle. Awesome Job guys.

“Gabriel Balchan on Google My Business 7/15/2019

5 stars: Took my VW here for some tranny issues, they had a diagnosis within an hour great service and fair price. I highly recommend them for there great quality work and my car drives better than ever

“Pac J on Yelp 6/22/2019

5 stars: We got an honest opinion (and a fair price) from Melvin and his team about the price for fixing some leaks on a Ford Explorer. Would definitely go back.

“J. A. on Google My Business 2/14/2019

5 stars: This is a family business, that treats YOU like family. They are a model example of any great company. I live all the way in Deerfield and needed my transmission rebuilt, I called around to many places all around the county and received an array of responses and prices from different places (i.e., "we have to replace with a new one", "we don't know how many parts to replace until working on it then we'll give you a price", etc.), this was the only shop that gave me a price range estimate for my car over the phone and stuck with it throughout (and it was the BEST price quoted too!)! I originally sent them an email through their website never expecting a response, yet first thing in the morning of the next business day I received a call from the manager regarding my inquiry. I was busy at the time and told him I would get back right away and forgot, thankfully I later received another call in the most respectful way and was grateful for it. My car had more issues and the work took longer than expected, yet they stood by their first estimate to the end. They tried to finish on Friday yet still needed to complete work on it; I was renting a vehicle out of pocket and thought I would be stuck with it through the weekend, though this is the one shop you'll find that works on Saturdays! They had my car finished on Saturday so I could return my rental. They made sure I had a ride ready to the rental company or gave me one! I also had a semi-unrelated issue after I picked up my car and it was immediately resolved no questions asked the next business day too! The manager is is always honest and upfront about everything and never tries to hide anything. A week later my trans started acting up again and some other parts had to be replaced taking apart the trans again, and they made this a top priority and had my car ready the same day without any additional charges! Another week later I had an unrelated issue with my engine firing, I brought it by and they happened to have the extra part available that I needed for my vehicle and made the repairs on the spot complimentary!!! I'm taking all my major vehicle repairs to them going forward. It is very difficult for an auto shop to ever earn my trust, and this shop has gone way above and beyond. They deserve 6 stars and have the highest recommendation! I first brought my car to them almost two months ago and was so impressed, I promised them I would write a review for all to know about their business, and even after procrastinating for this long, still I am writing this review as it is more than deserved!

“Leonard Carter on Google My Business 11/24/2018

5 stars: Great, understanding people. They work with you and try their best to help everyone out.

“Ashley Paniagua on Google My Business 8/2018

5 stars: They are very polite, friendly and professional. I went when they opened so I could get in right away. They completed in a reasonable time. I think I was there a little over an hour. Prices are the best within a 10 mile radius. Would definitely recommend them.

“Jacks Savvy on Google My Business 9/2/2018

5 stars: Got to say best place around ft Lauderdale to take your transmission to be fixed, called up to get a quote on the phone and the manager Mel were very sharp on answering all my questions i had before i took it into the shop , took it in got a FREE diagnosis with a technician and also they put their scanner computer in my 2014 Chevy Silverado and got the codes and explained to me everything that was needed to get my truck up and running the way it's supposed to work and quote me a price which were very reasonable since I had get quotes from the dealer and it was of course a ridiculous price . They took 2 days with my baby and had her back running beautiful as ever, thank you guys for all your great services would definitely recommend them for your transmission needs. They also informed me that a transmission needs to have an oil service once per year which I never knew. I'm pretty sure most people don't know this so a word of advice people. Thank You.

“Danrx7 Bood on Google My Business 8/23/2018

5 stars: Very good customer service. I had brought my car there on a tow truck and had a fresh rebuilt transmission in 3 days.

“Cameron Wirag on Google My Business 8/23/2018

5 stars: Got transmission problems take it to King.

“Roscoe Avala on Google My Business 8/23/2018

5 stars: Looking for a reliable, honest, trustworthy transmission repair facility to take care of your transmission problem. take it to these people here, call up to get a quote and that was the best call I made. They're knowledgeable and explained everything to me since I don't know too much about transmissions as I'm sure a lot of people don't know either, took my car on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon it was back up and running like brand new they did all the updates to my 2010 bmw. Would highly recommend this company. Prices are great, services are 5 star, and customer service was also good. Appreciate you all at Transmission King. Thank You.

“Danrx7 B. on Yelp 8/23/2018

5 stars: Great work on my car. I thought was done for. I brought it to them it runs great my baby is back on the road woohoo. Really nice, treated me like family

“Dylan Snyder on Google My Business 8/23/2018

Honest owner and staff who work hard in providing quality work as affordable as possible. They communicate thru the repair process. Highly recommend!

“Marlo Till-Agold on Facebook 8/18/2018

5 stars No one ever wants to come to the realization that their transmission is going bad. But Melvin and the team at Transmission King put me at total ease. I presented my extended warranty to Melvin and he told me I'm going to get you a NEW TRANSMISSION from the dealership, not a rebuild. A $3,200 job on my Nissan Maxima cost me just $200 with my deductible for a brand new transmission. Great service and turnaround time, Thanks team TK.

“Rob Nelson on Google+ 7/3/2018

5 stars: Good price, free estimate

“Da D'ski on Google+ 4/21/2018

5 stars

“Lagarra Martin on Google + 4/21/2018

5 stars Fix right the first time

“Albert Terry on Google+ 4/2/2018

5 stars: Great service and friendly staff. Definitely recommend using them to anyone! Will be back again. Had work done on my transmission and they fixed it overnight! Very satisfied with the quick turnaround. Thank you to the hard working staff at Transmission King.

“Gabriel Ba on Google+ 2/28/2018

5 star review: Fastest service ever, had my Honda Odyssey picked up at the house and was given a quote in less than an hour. I shopped around before and their price was awesome. My Odyssey was ready the next day.. Thanks Guys for an awesome job.

“Gabriel B. on Yelp 2/8/2018

5 star review: They repaired the transmission as promised. Fast & cordial service.

“Walter Q. on Google+ 2/4/18

5 star review

“Chris A. on Google+ 1/2/18

5 star review: I towed my Nissan 240sx to transmission king because I wouldn’t get into any gear, the first thing they did was pulling down the transmission and they found out first my gear box needed to Be changed and my clutch needed to be changed, so they installed a competition clutch kit and ordered a new gear box, and the best thing was the prices were very low!!! What was also good is when I drove my car the transmission felt so smooth and perfect. I definitely would recommend this transmission shop!!!

“Omar Almasri on Google+ 12/2017

4 star review: Staff is friendly , knowledgeable and trustworthy.

“Yasmine Ling on Google+ 10/2017

4 star review: Great service, fair prices and efficient timely manner

“Tony Ciatto on Google+ 9/2017

5 star review: Right from the onset; I was convinced of letting Transmission King service my vehicle for possible transmission issues. I just so happened to call the business after the posted closing hours and soon after I hung up, I received a call from Mel. I told him that my transmission was blown and instead of him agreeing with my assessment; he made me feel at ease by telling me that it could very well be the transmission fluid needs to be drained. After taking my car there the very next day; Mel had the mechanics check my car immediately while I was present. It was then confirmed that my transmission was blown and needed to be rebuilt. The customer service I received was top notch, everything was explained thoroughly and I received my car within several days. I am extremely satisfied with the overall service I and my wife received.

“George Hill on Google+ 7/2017

5 star review: The employees here are above-and-beyond helpful. I needed a new transmission (that a car dealership said would take 2 weeks to come in), and a brand new manufacturer transmission was put in within a day. I would absolutely recommend Transmission King for your transmission service.

“Chad R on Yelp 7/2017

5 star review: Had my transmission go out like 3 weeks after i had bought my 04 trailblazer so i AAA my truck over to them got a quote of $1600 and pulled the trigger as mel waa super honest with me after job was done it ended up being $1800 which wasn't far off from the original quote and i can honestly say i am happy I chose transmission king

“DVJ SOUTH on Google+ 7/2017

5 star review: I had problems with my transmission two months ago. I call up Transmission King and they did the work on my car. I was very pleased with the service. They took care of my car and myself. The customer service was very nice and polite and if you don't have the finance right then, they have a finance company that you can use to help pay for your vehicle if you qualify. Which worked out perfect for me, because I needed it and I qualified and I was able to get my car fixed. My car runs like a brand new car.

“Sandy Coleman on Google+ 6/2017

5 star review Professional and knowledgeable

“Judy Mootiram on Google+ 6/2017

My transmission failed and I called several transmission shops in the area. After speaking with Mel I decided to take a drive and look at the shop. I was very impressed with the knowledge he had about my car. It's a 1971 LeMans Sport Convertible and I am very careful where I bring it for repairs. I had to leave the car for a week and the owner, Dano assured me once the repair was finished he would keep it raised on the rack so there was no accidental damage. He rebuilt the transmission and added a shift kit and he also did some other work. The car runs great and the work was excellent. Even though it's mainly a transmission shop I plan to go back for other work. Very nice to find an honest and reasonably priced shop in South Florida!

“Thomas Gasparolo on Google+ 6/2017

Some of the best service I have ever received dealing with a business. They were flawless about everything from checking to make sure my truck was driving good a week after pick up. Great staff and they do amazing work. Would recommend to anyone. Bobs the man to see if you need ANY transmission work.

“Joey on Yelp 1/3/17

These folks did a great job solving my differential problem. It was complicated but they are pros. I definitely recommend this transmission shop.

“Ed on Google+ 1/12/17

Excellent shop, awesome honest owners, reasonable prices. My cars performance feels amazing. I was quite shocked to feel how smooth my ride had been after just a simple exhaust repair (which at first sounded like the grinding of the transmission). Best shop I've ever had the pleasure of taking my vehicle to. Would recommend to anyone! (I also noticed they had rotated my tires for free. I knew it needed to be done, but was surprised when I noticed they had helped me out without even making a fuss over it. It's the little things that really add up.)

“Zuburus on Google+ 12/1/16

After getting an oil change, it was recommended that I get my transmission looked at. I assumed the worst and started looking for a different car, because I know how much transmissions cost with repairers, etc. I decided to first take my truck checked out by Transmission King (after reading the reviews). They were very courteous and professional, after the check up they explained the problem in terms that I could understand. Even after a misunderstanding on my part about the final cost, they gave me a special discount (which allowed me too drive away satisfied). I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and associates, check them out you won't be sorry.

“Kimberly Porter on Google+ 12/3/16

If you have a transmission Problem. Mr. Bob Here at Transmission King will Solve it!!! Look no more. What a great experience to a Horrible problem. I bought a used car, paid cash. I drove it home on a Friday night and the transmission went the next day? I called the dealer, who said not to worry they would take care of it? The cars RPM's where at 4-5 while doing 40-45 miles an hour. The dealer told me that was normal?? I may be blonde, but I ain't stupid! I told him, I actually sold Auto Parts for 12 years. Which a bulk of them where transmission. I know when a transmission is not shifting! He just tried to make me believe that's the way the car ran. I took the car back to the dealer and they drove it and claimed, nothing was wrong with the transmission? It was perfect, he said? So I took the car to transmission king. He checked the car without charging to diagnose the problem. The transmission was shot. WOW. was I surprised!! Bob, actually called the dealer for me and told him what he thought he did to me. The dealer gave me a 3 month warranty that the warranty co, denied my claim. They are saying the dealer had to know the car was like that when I bought it. So Bob tried his best to not only call the dealer but the warranty co as well, to get me help. Although we did not get anywhere, I will have to take the lying .... To court. to get my money back. Bob, went out of his way to call the dealer the warranty co. and call me throughout his busy days. This went on for a week. To update me on what both the dealer and the warranty co where doing. In the end. My car is fixed and I am grateful for the Kindness from a repair shop, I thought has been lost in time? Thank you to Bob and the staff for all your help and for Caring!!! Although the car didn't drive like that when I test drove it. nor when I drove it home.

“Betty Springer on BBB 8/24/16

Found them on Angie's List. Wonderful people. Took my Ford Escape 2007 in. My transmission was completely shot. Within 2 days they had my truck fixed. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys for great work and very fast service.

“Terry Mase on Google+ 8/23/16

I had my manual transmission rebuilt on my 2007 Mazda 3 in September of 2015. Almost a year later and 200 miles less than the 12,000 mile warranty was up I started having problems in 5th gear. I was very disappointed in this after having to pay 2600.00 dollars to have it rebuilt. I was thinking that this small transmission shop would figure some way to not honor their warranty. I was wrong to assume this. After bringing my car to Bob and he took it for a drive he confirmed that 5th gear was bad. He told me to leave the car even though their wasn't a bay open.He started to work on it that day. He kept me informed of the work being performed. He called me after having the car for 6 days because of waiting for parts and told me the car was finished. Driving there to get my car I was thinking that when I get there I was going to be charged for the work. When I arrived Bob told me everything was good, showed me the parts he replaced and gave me my keys.There was no charge. I told him I had doubts about the whole situation being covered under warranty. Transmission King stood behind their warranty without a hassle which is very hard to find these days. I want to thank Bob for an amazing customer experience and to Transmission King for being an honest repair shop.I would highly recommend this shop for transmission repairs.

“Ken (on Google+) 8/9/16

I am so glad that I found this company in my search for transmission repair. They are such generous people and left me feeling like part of their family. I couldn't have asked for anything more from them.

“Jacob W. (on Yelp) 7/28/16

Thank you guys so much for taking care of my Honda Accord. After going through another mechanic and having a horrible experience, these guys were able to do justice to my car and bring it back to life. Bob personally called me every day to update me and let me know exactly what is going on with my vehicle. I handed my car in Monday, I was updated on Monday evening and Tuesday, and the car was ready by Wednesday. These guys went above and beyond at a very fair price and were even able to fix my broken odometer for no extra charge. I can't thank them enough for their help and I will be sending my referrals over!

“Ethan G. (on Yelp) 6/30/16

I have an '02 Rodeo that needed a new transmission. I had Transmission King put in a rebuilt transmission a few years back and it was running great. Recently I was having a loss of power coming out of first gear and I knew it there was something wrong. I took it Bob's Auto since it was close to me and they told me the obvious - transmission. So I took it back to Transmission King to have them take a look since they put in the rebuilt for me. I walked in, manager shook my hand, I explained the problem, and he said he would take care of me. He took the car out for a road test and he said he wanted to check the fluids first, he was being conservative. I left the car with him and he called me back in a few hours saying the fluids looked clean. He wanted my permission to drop the case to take a look inside the transmission and he would call me with his findings. Time went on and he called again and said it all looked ok inside and he THINKS its a solenoid and valve that went bad. He told me he’s not sure but he thinks that what it is. He told me over the phone that if he installs a new one and its DOESNT WORK - no charge for everything. We discussed the cost of it all if it did work and I agreed to the job. He called me back later that day and said my car was ready to go - FIXED. The manager also called a few days later to follow up and make sure everything was working ok. I won’t take my car anywhere else...

“Sheldon Young (on Google) 6/28/16

I can't even begin to say how GREAT this company has treated me. My cars transmission went and it took a while to fix the problem only because my car is older and certain parts are hard to find but they FIXED IT!!! The owner my God she is a wonderful person and will go above and beyond to help until the solution is accomplished by her wonderful team of mechanics. Even though my car was such a pain and I am sure a headache they never gave up on it! It is great to know that there is still a company such as this one that backs up their words 100%, are straight forward and caring as this company is!! Thanks Kathy and thanks to your wonderful team!!! God Bless!!!

“Sofie Vega (on Google) 6/17/16

Just had my BMW 335i transmission fluid and filter changed for the first time here. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and the price is very fair. My car was road tested beforehand by Bob to ensure everything was running correctly. They used ZF parts, same as the manufacturer of my transmission. All in all a very good and quick service experience. I will most likely be a return customer. Thanks

“Stu N (on Yelp) 6/7/2016

I went to Transmission King and I met Kathy and Melvin. I can't believe how honest and caring they both are. Kathy was very sincere about how much money I would be putting into my son's 1998 Ford Ranger. Melvin spoke to my son for about 45 minutes about going back to trade school. Kathy and Melvin made us feel like we've known them for years. We went to a few places before this and even my son told me that Transmission Kings was the place we should go to. The truck is running beautifully and I have to say thank you so much, I will stop in there once and a while to give you guys donuts lol.

“Carlos Marrero (on Google+) 6/3/2016

I just got my car back today. I have to start off by saying this Melvin is a good person. I had a lot of downs with him and he knows that. Cathy is a good hearted person as well. Now on the other hand I know I have to get my car to adjust to how I drive, So I hope once my car adjust to know I drive the jerking will stop. If not I will be back again. They had my car for 2 weeks, I came to Cathy and I express my feelings on how I felt about the whole thing that transpired. And she told me that she was sorry for all that happen and the whole miscommunication on they part. I had to call Melvin at least 8 times for updates on my car. But if my truck keeps jerking then I will be back. I paid a lot of money between my rental and transmission. Will keep you updated as the weeks go by. P.s I was also told some things about my truck that I did not know.

Response from Cathy @ Transmission King...Dear Tracy. Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion about Transmission King. I hope you will give us a 5 star rating in a couple of weeks when you come back to see us. I EMPHASIZE AGAIN. Your vehicle will not work correctly UNTIL you visit a certified auto repair shop to attend to your electrical and engine problems. We have configured and re calibrated your computer but it is not engaging due to these issues. Please attend to this matter ASAP because it will damage your brand new transmission. You have/own a "REBUILT TITLE.", which means your vehicle was "TOTALLY DESTROYED ". We are here to assist you in any way you wish.

“Tracy Eugene (on Google+) 5/2016

I came to visit Transmission King based on all the reviews I've read and the friendly conversation Cathy and I had over the phone while making my appointment. Within 5 minutes of arriving at Transmission King, there was a technician in my car attempting to diagnose the issue I was having. After a detailed inspection into my transmission, they told me I don't have a transmission problem. Knowing that my vehicle still had symptoms of something, Cathy was determined to make sure I walked away with peace of mind. She introduced me to her neighbor who is a Master Mechanic. She explained everything to him and he instantly began looking into my car. Although Cathy had every opportunity to take advantage of my situation, she did not. I am thankful for her honesty and integrity. Thank you Cathy!!

“Joey Ortega (on Google+) 4/16/2016

I went to Transmission King about a week or two ago due to a check engine light code reading I am having transmission issues. They were wonderful to me! I am usually uncomfortable going to a automotive repair place as a woman by myself but they made me feel at ease. The manager and mechanics thoroughly explained all the things that could be wrong with my car & gave excellent estimates on repair. Instead of just having me pay for something that may not entirely fix my issues, they referred me to another place for a confident diagnosis! Who does that?! Ultimately I had to go to the dealership to truly find out the issues with my car (different codes kept coming up from the computer due to malfunctions). I'm looking forward to bringing my car to them to fix . They are honest, friendly and very professional people. Highly rate them to all. :)

“Erica Jackson (on Google+) 4/4/2016

Impressive Service and Business. I am very pleased with my experience here. I was able to take down my car and have it properly serviced and checked out. the mechanics are awesome and the owner was very attentive to our needs. highly recommend anyone to Transmission King.

“William B. (on Better Business Bureau) 2/16/2016

Awesome Service, Awesome People. I took my vehicle down and because of Transmission King, I was able to have my car replaced and realized, what a piece of Crap, I was sold from High Q Auto . Transmission King, saved my family thousands of dollars in costly auto repair.

“William Bresch (on Google+ and Yelp) 2/16/2016

Found Transmission King through positive reviews after an online search. Since I'm not from Florida I wanted somewhere that seemed trustworthy. I went in for a fluid change and received exceptional help and honest work. Highly recommended… if you want a local, small business.

“S.A. (on Yelp) 1/18/2016

Fantastic customer service really followed up with us throughout the repairing of our transmission. Highly recommend Transmission King.

“Victor V. (on Better Business Bureau and Facebook) 12/18/2015

Transmission King really did a wonderful job on my mom’s car. They had it towed, did all the breakdown on exactly every detail. They are honest and compassionate about their work. I would highly recommend them. You can’t go wrong with Transmission King 5 star service.

“Ray D.  (on Better Business Bureau)  12/12/2015

I have used this company for years. The owner Cathy, goes out of her way to attend to our car needs and her staff is very kind and courteous...I definitely would recommend Transmission King to all. 

”Claudia P. (on Better Business Bureau) 12/12/2015

This is a very good trusted place I can strongly recommend someone to service and repair your vehicle they are very nice people at this location they really care about your satisfaction they done a very good job on my transmission I have nothing negative to said from my experience for them also they are very affordable cause they did save me a lot of money compare from that place that I went before them 

”Earnest V (on Better Business Bureau) 12/3/2015

This place is great! So super helpful and 100% honest. I have a 2002 Ford Escape that stared acting up pretty bad after driving in a rain storm. I took it to my Local mechanic and they basically turned me away! See my Escape has 236,000 miles on it, servicing the transmission with a flush would basically kill it. I was told I probably need a whole new transmission which would run about $1200 to $1600 for my car. Considering the years and the mileage I'd basically have to scrap my yellow baby. Not good. Not really in the place to start making car payments ether. Even worse! Hoping that I could find some expert help that would be able at least give me an alternative to getting a new transmission or getting rid of my car altogether, I left a message on the Transmission King website on Sunday morning expecting not to get a call back on it until Monday at the earliest. I got a call back late that afternoon from Melvin, super friendly guy, no nonsense kind of dude. We discuss my issues with my car, my reverse was basically gone or intermittent and going forward she just wasn't shifting properly at all. Melvin figured that it's probably just a part that's gone bad it needs to be replaced you probably won't need to replace the whole transmission but we need to get it to the shop to check it out.  He had a space for me Monday morning, turned out it was just the neutral safety switch or pringle switch. Once it was replaced my Escape was back to her old self!!! Saved me a ton and I don't have to sell my escape for parts!! Thanks so much for being honest and awesome! 

“Mike G. (on Yelp) 12/1/2015

My shifter cable broke on Thanksgiving. Since my car is a Toyota, the replacement part has to come from Toyota at $223. I checked for estimates and most places wanted to charge me anywhere from $300-$600 labor, in addition to the part. Transmission king took my call on Thanksgiving and they promptly called me the next morning. They quoted $100 labor and the cost of the part which had to come from Toyota. What a fantastic company. I give them 10 stars.

“Sharon H. (on Better Business Bureau) 11/27/2015

Absolutely GREAT experience.... GREAT friendliness and help throughout from Melvin and Kathy ! They were highly Recommended by my son-in-law who is a police officer in Ft. Lauderdale! I have found them to have FAIR Prices, Very REPUTABLE, a family business with GREAT workmanship and stand behind and guarantee ALL THEIR WORK ! HIGHLY recommend them for ALL your Transmission needs!

“Nick S. (on Google+) November, 2015

Words could not express the unconditional service my husband and I received from this company. I was new to Fort Lauderdale and by myself and was all alone... no one to turn to when my car had problems. Firstly my husband’s car had the transmission go out They could not have been more accommodating with their timely service. They repaired his car in a timely manner and it ran like a new car. Then my car broke down and I did not know what to do for I had no way to get to work, etc. Kathy, the owner not only came to my apt to pick me up she also took me home when I had to leave my car. Then she arranged for me to rent a car...I did not have to do anything myself...she did all the work for me. I can't express the gratitude I have for what she and her employees did for me. This company has a real heart for their customers not just repairing their car...They will totally take care of you in every way needed...Thank you so much for all you did for me.. 

“Carol C. (on Google+) March, 2015

I recently brought my 2006 BMW 325i into Transmission King for some warranty work. I am always wary about getting work done on a vehicle. In this case, there was a combination of electrical and transmission issues affecting the performance of the car. This was a bit of a complicated issue; however Melvin, the Shop Manager and Jim, the lead mechanic broke down the issues for me in layman’s terms and put my mind at ease that the problem had been identified and would be corrected. The owner, Cathy, even took a proactive approach and assured me the problem would be fixed. I am happy to say I drove away completely satisfied. I am not a ‘car guy’ and the team at Transmission King went above and beyond to assure I would be pleased with the work. I will always recommend Transmission King for quality work: A+++

“Michael S. (on Google+) January 2015

Brought in my 05 wrx auto which wasn’t shifting at all, and they fully rebuilt it better than it ever was before, this is the 2nd car I have brought here and had fantastic results. Thank you for getting my baby back to 100%

“Ryan F (on Google+) January 2015

I waited a few weeks after I got the car back to give an honest review. My transmission went out at a really bad time, not that there's ever a good time for anyones transmission to go out, but this was a really REALLY bad time. Being that I'm not a "car" guy" with no experience in these matters I looked for a place that was close to me and read the reviews for Transmission King and I'm glad I did. The car was totally undriveable and they arranged to have it come and picked up. I dealt with Melvin, and I can honestly say it was the most pleasant experience I've ever had with an auto mechanic They kept me informed every step of the way, evaluated the car. let me know what was wrong, what needed to be fixed, quoted me a fair price (I know I checked!). More than that they gave me time to decide what I wanted to do as the car is a few years old and I had to choose whether or not I wanted it repaired or to just get a new one. They were understanding the whole time and Melvin is a great guy to shoot the breeze with. It's been about 3 weeks since I got the car back and it has been riding as smooth as ever. They took a frustrating experience and turned it into a pleasurable one. Any transmission problems I have I will be taking it to them as well as recommending them to my friends. I'm not a big writer of reviews but I had to commend them on the work they did and it was also a review like this that led me to call them. I hope it can help someone else.

“Andrew (on Google+) 2015

The guy was helping me here (I think named Melvin) was very nice and professional! He and his coworker scanned my car and then he test drove it and told me everything was good! Very trust worthy place they don't lie and try to sell you anything that you don't need. I highly recommend this place for anyone that needs service on their cars! And I'm very picky on who I trust with my car haha.

“Devon (on Google+) 2015

I had a problem with my Transmission and after calling several places I took my Car to Transmission King. The reason I decided to take my car there is because they have been in the same location for over 30yrs plus Melvin who answered the phone was Very Helpful and listened to my problem patiently. Once there, they took care of me quickly and I felt I could trust them. I would not hesitate to go back and recommend them highly. It’s not often these days you can be treated like a member of the Family when you need your car serviced but this is the level of Service you get when you go to Transmission King.

“Betty E. (On Yelp) 6/24/2014

With my back to the wall on my Audi A4 2.0T. Jerry and he's years of experience and service gave me the recommendation that I needed to make the right decision. Anyone else would have taken me for a ride. He is very helpful and will take care of you. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Honesty is very rare now days.

“Pablo M. (on Yelp) 5/20/2013

Great place to get your transmission repair. Jerry is a great guy and even picked me up at the train station. They do quality work at a fair price. I would have paid a lot more at the other places.

“Brad Bruner(on Google+) 2012

When I had transmission problems, I visited 3 Shops before I found Transmission King. These shops told me I needed a new transmission, but when I went to Transmission King, they told me they could repair my transmission instead of replacing it. They saved me a lot of money! “Sheila”

I brought my wife’s car in to Transmission King for a transmission repair. I was so happy with the service, I brought my granddaughter’s car in to be repaired too! Whenever I need transmission service, I will be going to Transmission King. Thanks Jerry!! “Richard”

I am the owner of a small a/c company, and Transmission King services all of my work vehicles. They have a quick turn-around time and are more than fair with the prices. “Phillip”

The transmission of our 2004 Chrysler Pacifica would not shift out of first gear. Jerry, at Transmission King, sent a tow truck to our home AT NO COST and brought the car to his shop. Jerry did a complete check of our transmission and a repair that would have cost us over $3000.00 at other transmission shops.....................came out to be 1/2 that at Transmission King!!!!! Complete with 12 month warranty!

Jerry, at Transmission King, was a Navy Sailor during the Vietnam era..............and has SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for fellow shipmates! Thanks Jerry for doing such a GREAT JOB! “Jocko”

We were told by another transmission shop that we needed to have a rebuilt transmission at the cost of $2900.00. We decided to get another estimate and chose this company based on the yellow pages online listing. We took my car (97 Mercedes) in on Saturday morning expecting to hear it would cost about the same or may $100 or so less. Jerry took the car out on the road to test drive it and then connected it to a computer. To our surprise Jerry called us to the counter and said, "look, if I just wanted to take your money, I could say that you needed a new transmission, but our computer shows that you just need a major tune up" and then GAVE us the results from the computer to take it to whoever we would have do the tune up, showing which plugs was misfiring and a few other tune up related things!!

How often do you find someone in business this honest? Although we did not have our vehicle repaired by him, we gave him an EXCEPTIONAL rating because anyone that honest, we figured, probably does EXCEPTIONAL work as well. We highly recommend him. “John”

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